Northern Magic Circle

Gordon Wardle

Magician • Mindreader • Comedy Hypnotist

Q: What sort of magician should I book for my event?

A: There are several different styles of magic to suit different events:
Close-up magicians work with small groups of people (typically 2 to 10 people at a time) usually seated at a table in a room or at a function. The magician will travel from table to table spending several minutes performing for each group before moving to the next table. This works well for functions such as weddings, corporate functions or in a restaurant or pub. This style of magic is also performed at small functions such as a dinner party. The magic could typically involve cards, coins, or mindreading acts
Walk-around magicians will mingle with guests at a bar area, corner of a room, or at a party, BBQ, drinks-reception or trade-show. Usually standing and performing magic in the hands and minds of the spectators. The magic could typically involve cards, coins or mindreading acts.
Cabaret magicians will perform on a stage for a small audience that are all seated at tables. More informal and relaxed than a theatre. This style of magic will use larger props such as flip charts or large cards. It may require a sound systems and lighting.
Street magicians will gather a crowd of passers-by and perform acts such as juggling, fire-eating, sword swallowing, as well as some large magic effects.
Children's magicians perform at children's parties or schools. Children are usually supervised by parents while the performer does silly things with lots of noise and giggles.
Stage magicians will perform for a large group typically in a theatre, cruise-ship, or other large events. This is usually a ticketed event. Large props may need to brought onto the stage area. Sound systems and lighting will be required.

I am skilled at close-up and walk-around magic. I have many contacts for the other styles of magic and would be pleased to recommend my magic colleages to suit your event and budget.

Q: You mention hypnosis. That scares me

A: I only perform hypnosis for willing subjects who wish to experience hypnosis. Most of my hypnosis performances are simple no-trance hypnosis where you will not be asleep. I perform hypnosis for fun, comedy entertainment. I do not leave any lasting hypnotic effects. I do not, for example, use hypnosis to help people to stop smoking. That is best perfomed by a hypnotherapist.

Q: What qualifications do you need to be a magician?

A: To be honest, None !
Anyone can call themselves a magician. A 10-year-old with a couple of cards tricks through to a top ranking entertainer. Being a member of a magic circle is a good indication that the magician is experienced. Members are usually required to perform an audition before they are admitted to the circle but, when selecting a magician for your event, it all comes down to experience. Most magicians are recommended through personal testimonies.

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